Who Makes Snake Eyes Golf Clubs?

If you’ve ever come across Snake Eyes golf clubs, you might be curious about who crafts these intriguing pieces of golf equipment. I was too, and it led me down a fascinating path to uncover the story behind this brand. Snake Eyes has carved out a niche in the golfing world, known for their unique designs and performance-driven technology.

In this article, I’ll delve into the origins of Snake Eyes golf clubs and reveal the company behind their creation. Whether you’re an avid golfer or just starting, understanding who makes these clubs can give you a deeper appreciation for the craftsmanship and innovation that goes into every swing.

Overview of Snake Eyes Golf Clubs

Snake Eyes golf clubs, celebrated for their design and performance, continue to evolve. They’re backed by proven technologies, making them a favorite among enthusiasts.

The Brand’s History

Snake Eyes originated from a vision to provide golfers with superior equipment. Founded in the 1990s, the brand quickly gained recognition due to innovative designs. Golfsmith International Holdings, a notable retailer, acquired the brand in 1998 to expand its market reach and enhance its product portfolio.

Key Features and Technologies

Snake Eyes clubs integrate advanced materials and cutting-edge technology. Multi-material construction, using titanium and carbon, ensures optimal weight distribution. Precision-milled faces enhance ball speed and accuracy. Custom fitting options cater to various playing styles and skill levels, adding a personalized touch to each club.

The Manufacturer Behind Snake Eyes

Snake Eyes golf clubs, known for their innovative designs, came under new management after their initial rise to prominence. Let’s examine how ownership has transitioned and the current manufacturing processes.

The Transition of Ownership

Initially launched in the 1990s, Snake Eyes saw a significant turning point in 1998 when Golfsmith International Holdings acquired the brand. Golfsmith’s acquisition aimed to expand its product offerings and market reach, leveraging the brand’s reputation for quality and innovation. However, following Golfsmith’s own financial difficulties and eventual bankruptcy, Dick’s Sporting Goods acquired Golfsmith’s intellectual property in 2016, including the Snake Eyes brand. This acquisition marked another transition, placing Snake Eyes under the umbrella of one of the largest sports retailers in the United States.

Current Manufacturing Processes

Under Dick’s Sporting Goods, the production of Snake Eyes golf clubs incorporates cutting-edge technology and high-quality materials. Manufacturers use advanced materials such as titanium and carbon composites in constructing clubheads to ensure durability and lightweight performance. Precision milling creates club faces that enhance ball speed and accuracy. The brand also emphasizes custom fitting options, allowing golf enthusiasts to tailor clubs to their specific playing styles. Manufacturing protocols include rigorous quality control to maintain the brand’s standards, ensuring that each club performs to the player’s expectations.

Popularity and Market Position

Snake Eyes golf clubs enjoy a solid reputation among golf enthusiasts for their performance-driven design and quality.

Comparisons With Other Golf Club Brands

Snake Eyes holds its own against competitors like Callaway, Titleist, and Ping. While these brands dominate the market, Snake Eyes focuses on affordability without sacrificing quality. Advanced materials like titanium and precision-milled faces match the high standards set by these industry giants. Additionally, custom fitting options align Snake Eyes with the personalized service offered by top-tier brands.

User Reviews and Feedback

Golfers frequently praise Snake Eyes for its exceptional balance and control. Many users highlight the precision milling and advanced materials as standout features. Reviews often mention the value Snake Eyes provides, comparing it favorably to more expensive alternatives. Additionally, the custom fitting options receive positive feedback, with many golfers noting improvements in their game after switching to Snake Eyes clubs.

Where to Buy Snake Eyes Golf Clubs

You can find Snake Eyes golf clubs through various online and in-store options. Ensure to purchase from authorized sellers to guarantee authenticity and quality.

Online Retailers

Numerous online platforms offer Snake Eyes golf clubs. Websites like Dick’s Sporting Goods, Amazon, and GlobalGolf provide a wide selection. Dick’s Sporting Goods, which acquired the brand in 2016, frequently lists the latest models and exclusive deals. Amazon offers user reviews and competitive pricing, helping you make an informed decision. GlobalGolf provides detailed product descriptions and condition ratings for used clubs, ensuring transparency.

In-Store Options

For in-person purchases, visit major sporting goods stores like Dick’s Sporting Goods and Golf Galaxy. Dick’s Sporting Goods often features a dedicated section for Snake Eyes clubs, allowing you to test the equipment before buying. Golf Galaxy offers custom fitting services, ensuring the clubs match your playing style. Check availability and specific models beforehand by contacting the stores directly or visiting their websites.


Snake Eyes golf clubs stand out for their innovative designs and performance-driven technology. With advanced materials and precision-milled faces, they offer exceptional balance and control. The brand’s journey from its establishment in the 1990s to its current ownership by Dick’s Sporting Goods highlights its resilience and commitment to quality.

User reviews consistently praise the value and improvements in gameplay that Snake Eyes clubs provide. Whether you’re shopping online or in-store, options abound for finding the perfect fit. Snake Eyes continues to be a competitive and affordable choice for golfers seeking high-quality equipment.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Snake Eyes golf clubs known for?

Snake Eyes golf clubs are known for their innovative designs, performance-driven technology, and the use of advanced materials like titanium and carbon. They feature precision-milled faces and offer custom fitting options to enhance player performance.

When was Snake Eyes originally established?

Snake Eyes was originally established in the 1990s. The brand has since evolved through acquisitions, including by Golfsmith International Holdings in 1998 and later by Dick’s Sporting Goods in 2016.

How do Snake Eyes golf clubs compare to other brands?

Snake Eyes competes with top brands like Callaway, Titleist, and Ping by delivering high-quality clubs at affordable prices. They are praised for their exceptional balance, control, and value, often leading to improvements in players’ games.

Where can I buy Snake Eyes golf clubs?

You can purchase Snake Eyes golf clubs from online retailers such as Dick’s Sporting Goods, Amazon, and GlobalGolf. These platforms offer a wide selection, user reviews, and detailed product descriptions. In-store options are available at major sporting goods stores like Dick’s Sporting Goods and Golf Galaxy.

What are the benefits of custom fitting Snake Eyes golf clubs?

Custom fitting ensures that the clubs match your playing style, maximizing comfort and performance. Testing equipment in-store allows you to find the perfect fit, which can lead to improvements in your golf game.

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